About Heywow
Design Goals

Our Team

Michael Angermann

Founding member of Heywow, Intelligent Caching / Pre-Fetching, Situation Awareness, Split-Proxy

Thaddeus Dorsch

Usage scenarios, Content Management Interface, Audio-Tours

Jens Kammann

Handover in heterogeneous networks, Network optimization, Network connectivity in Landsberg, Split-Proxy

Frank Kühndel

Software architecture, State-Distribution over distributed nodes, security

Patrick Robertson

Founding member of Heywow and head of projetc, Localisation techniques, Personalization, P800 smartphone programming

Alexander Steingass

Founding member of Heywow, Intellectual property, (Satellite-) Navigation

Thomas Strang

Situation Awareness / Context Awareness, Web Services, XML Content, Infrastructure, MIDP Applications, Maps

Kai Wendlandt

Inhouse localization, Lokalization techniques, Local Service Point Hard- and Software, Network connectivity in Landsberg

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