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The Idea

Heywow did start with the observation of the following trends in the years 1998 and 1999: This trends and discussions with Sun Microsystems employees (especially with Thomas Groth), Hiller IPD and other partners led to first versions and system concepts to combine communication and navigation elements in a novel way.

The "vision" and the system were named Heywow and were presented in a keynode talk at the JESS (Java Enterprise Solutions Symposium) in April 1999.

The simplified basic idea of heywow is: "Use a PDA equiped with the 2.5 generation's mobile phone standard, GPS/Galileo and Bluetooth. Connect - with the help of Jini and Bluetooth/WLAN/GSM - with two kinds of services: First, local services in the vicinity of the user. Second, with services with global relevance and which are available in the network".


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